Technology shift:
Globally automotive propulsion is shifting towards Electrification and students and the engineering community must be the front-runners to adapt

An initiative of SAE Bengaluru:
Towards developing the knowledge-base and getting hands-on experience for engineering students in Range Extended Electric Vehicles technology in the 4 wheeler space similar to 2 wheeler space competition(EGA).

REEV (Range Extended Electric Vehicle):
This is a competition with Range and Fuel Economy in mind. The competition is going to drive the new age technology in automotive Industry, Hybridization, Light-weighting, Optimization, Range extension, fuel awareness,etc.

Student Benefit

Future Technology:
Throw up an array of skills and opportunities to explore to be a part of the game that contributes to the changing urban mobility trends

Industry Exposure:
Get coached by industry experts through a mentoring program during the Virtual rounds.

OEM-like Product Development:
An intense focus on virtual development, simulation and analysis using industry standard software.